Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Staring upward

I should really be leaving my house right now to run some errands before our second day of tech rehearsal, but I wanted to share something first. Yesterday I was thinking about my very first tech rehearsal ever, which was a production of "The Secret Garden" at BYU deJong Theater. I remember that my part in the show was so ridiculously small.. I played some dead ancestor that only came back to life to do some backstage singing and move around these big pillars that they used to create the mazes of the garden and the house where Mary Lennox ends up after her parents die of Cholera/Fire in India. Even though I had 0 stage time and everyone else in the chorus was complaining about that, I was just thrilled to be there. I remember laying around on the stage while the lighting designer was trying to get a cue right, and just staring up into the rafters above the stage. Seeing all the lights and just being in a dark theater in the middle of the day just felt so right to me. As I look back on that feeling, I think it just felt so familiar to me, like I had been there before, and that this is where I belonged. Continuing to pursue theater was truly accidental. I didn't try to be an actor. It just sort of happened to me. To this day, though they are tedious, I love tech rehearsals. I love being in that magical place where you get to create a feeling; a mood. I love knowing that soon our little creation will be something that we will share with thousands of people. And we hope that they will love it as much as we do.


Ezra said...

I miss theater so much! I know that feeling!

Wyatt said...

I can't wait to come visit you and see you tranny out on stage with Altinay and Marbleina!


Jen said...

Tech week always seems to fall at the worst time. But, it's all exciting!