Saturday, January 10, 2009

Right to Dream

I have this little known Mariah song in my head right now. Its called, "Right to Dream" and its from her newest venture into film, Tennessee. It played last year at the Tribeca Film Festival if I'm not mistaken. She plays a battered housewife/aspiring singer who joins 2 other nomadic hopefuls on a journey that would change them all. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I definitely will. After Mariah's foray into the phantasmagorical Glitter, well how could I not.

I, like Mariah, have a right to dream. I used to want to live in all of these different foreign countries for a year. I wanted to live for a year in Paris, a year in Beijing, a year in Berlin, a year in Moscow, a year in Rome, and maybe a year in Buenos Aires. I just feel drawn to the idea of experiencing a different world from my own American one. I really created this dream after my mission, when I saw what a soul stretching experience it was for me to live in Mexico for 2 years (I'm goin' to Mexico with my baby ain't NOBODY can take that joy from me..). When I got home I decided I wanted to learn new languages and get to experience new cultures and ideas. My dream really started to take shape when I was cast in an english language production of 42nd Street in Moscow, Russia that was supposed to last 14 months. It was subsequently shortened to 4, but at least I got to live there..

Lately life has caused me to shelf this dream of living abroad. Until this week. This week I finally saw the recent film La Vie En Rose starring the incandescent oscar-winning Marion Cotillard. I particularly love her final song in the movie. Its so triumphant. In any case, it's not perhaps the type of movie that one might expect to inspire such a "dream-revival" as this, for me this movie carried the soul of Paris the way someone in the movie says Edith Piaf's voice does. I want to work on my French again. I want to live in Paris for a year. I want to wear a beret. I want to sing "Viens Jusqu'a moi" while walking through the Tuilleries.

I have a right to dream. Don't I?


Wyatt said...


I'm in Thailand right now so suck it, betch! LOL

"I don't have time to worry about emigration or why she's crying... over there."

I love you.

invisible said...

Yes and you always will! Hugs!