Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

High Maints Baby

I'm at the DMV right now waiting forever to exchange my expired liscense for a brand new one. The line would be moving a lot faster if the only teller was not occupied with a very high maints baby. Literally a tiny baby in Dora pajamas complete with footies is getting an ID. They keep trying to get a usable photo of her but she keeps looking away when they snap the photo. What are you? Hungry? Tired? You're so high maints baby!!! Baby's internal monologue, "listen- I'm going to need some breastmilk - in a sippie cup, I'm going to need a better photo background and I'm going to need you to replace this dingy florescent lighting honey. Then we can talk. And queen, hurry this up- my flight to Milano leaves in an hour and 20.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Delving back into the Book of Mormon

This week is the opening night for a new Broadway Musical:

Besides being really excited as a self proclaimed ex-mormon to have this musical come to the great white way, its even more exciting that I am able to be a part of it! I am in the ensemble of the show- which in this show means that I spend almost the entire show as a missionary. (Although I do make a brief appearance as Brigham Young!!) Being able to relive an experience that was as vivid as a mormon mission is a rare experience, and it is one that I am cherishing with every breath. The show is INCREDIBLY well written, well acted, and well directed and choreographed. It is one of those rare theatrical experiences where all the parts have come together in perfect alchemy to make solid gold.

During our preview process, I have already met a couple of people from the blogosphere at the stage door after the show! One young man told me that he has watched several of my youtube videos, and he introduced me to his boyfriend! Another pair of handsome guys told me on this last Saturday that they used to read this very blog- you know, back when I used to actually write in this very blog. In this very blog, there's quite enough love for one like me... I digress. In any case, it is due to those 2 new friends from Saturday that I am writing this post. I realize that this is going to be an experience that I am going to want to document- if for no other reason than just recording it for myself. After all, it is my heritage to record my personal history, and so I shall continue, even if sparsly so.