Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm back online. Oh my gosh I feel so complete now. Just go ahead and put the mark of the beast in my wrist or in my forehead or wherever they said its supposed to go. I just want to be on the internet all the time. Before I left for Chicago I was helping Constantine while he recovered from an adult Tonsillectomy-- a very painful surgery. He was on pain killers a lot of the time and so I was basically online as much as he was loopy. By the time he started feeling better, I was still online a lot at his apartment, and he was SOOO over me being basically attached to my laptop. I started to feel like that asian american couple on greys anatomy where the wife permanently lost her voice so she was just typing online all the time. Well, somehow they thought of a really dramatic way to give her a chance to speak again, but after the surgery she is scared to try and starts doing what she knows.. typing again. Her husband is like BITCH NO! NO MORE TYPING ON THAT F'ING computer. He gets all Thuy in Miss Saigon on her A and then she stops. I was beginning to think that C was going to flip his lid too. "You're always online! You never talk to me anymore." So I had to repent. In fact I had to do the five Rs of repentance to make sure. What were they again? Anyone remember?

SO. I live in these semi-furnished apartments in the Gold Coast area of Chicago. Its SO great. I say semi because it did have beds, but it did not come with dishes, kitchenware, bedding, towels, or a TV. I remembered about the kitchen and the TV, but not the bedding. So I had a mini camping trip with myself the first night.. sans smores unfortunately. It was just me in about 3 coats, 2 hoodies, a scarf and a sensible marc jacobs beany pulled down as far as it could get it. And believe it or not I slept like a little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. I was also sporting my new patagonia long underwear courtesy of a gift card C's mother gave to me so I could get some winter essentials. After that first night of blissless camping, I got through my first day of rehearsal and then scurried down to the nearest Target and promptly spent 250 bucks buying everything I would need to get my apartment in shape. I actually got some cute dishes, some really great pillows, quilts, blankets so that my 6 months here would be cozy as can be. I am feeling really great about my pad now. Its all in order. I'm having a great time here. It might be freezing, but my heart is warm as can be.


Silus Grok said...



Good thing there're two IKEA nearby!

Tommy said...

I always lobbied (since primary!) to add "Rejoice" to the 5 R's. I could never decide to make it the 6 R's or just kick one of the other R's out though.

Keri said...

Shawn had a tonsillectomy recently too. I have never seen him more miserable in his life.