Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't Lose Hope--BYU Has the Answer

I still get Alumni emails, magazines etc. from BYU. I am also on a few other email lists for the Dance Dept. etc, and sometimes I just get a fair amount of entertainment from the culture of mormonism. Recently the dance division at the Y was having an alumni meeting and the theme was like, "dancing and doctrines," or maybe "doctrines in motion" or something else like that. It is just SO funny and amazing to me. Anyway this morning, I got another email from the alumni association, and I thought I'd share this gem with you. First of all, I can just see some BYU alum struggling at home and just knowing that he is going to find the answers from BYU. Second of all, there was a picture of a black guy next to this article! They just never cease to impress. Its about doing a being prepared to give a good job interview. Enjoy!

Practice rehearsed spontaneity
While this seems to be a contradiction of terms, it means that you prepare for an interview as much as you can even practicing certain answers to commonly asked questions. When you are asked a question you know the answer to, be sure you seem spontaneous with your reply. How? Don't answer immediately, but take a few breaths and answer slowly. This will buy you a little time when you do get that difficult question where you really do have to take a little time.

Is it just me or is this similar to the part in Pride and Prejudice when Mr. Collins is talking about giving compliments to ladies?


Wyatt said...


"Dancing to Doctrine" is how I liked to read the scriptures, of course my version of dancing to the doctrine involved a lot of hip thrusts and summer naomi smart backbends... but very uplifting nonetheless.


Just a lot of Kyleen Pritchett axel turns and of course B.W.Phillips' "morning prayer". Nothing beats it.

Hilary said...

I love you for the last sentence of this post.

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Hilary!! I love our P&P connection. You, breaking my DVD on that movie?!! Could it get any better than that? Don't you also yell something about mr. darcy?!!