Friday, April 10, 2009

Brilliance in my genes

After all my recent posts about "the storm gathering" commercial, my brother Zane came up with this new "script" for the commercial. I think I might have to make a remake with all my co-workers! You can just see us in front of a green-screen reading these lines with a multi-ethnic cast to make us seem as diverse and sincere and benevolent as possible.

"You're at home with your wife and children watching some television to end a wholesome fun-filled night of Family Home Evening when suddenly homosexuals are on the screen. What's that you hear? Homosexuals getting married? That's right. It's the nagging in your mind that causes you to question your love for your wife. What's worse, turning your head slowly toward little Molly and Peter you see your worst fears suddenly manifest themselves in your own home. Your children have probably just both turned gay.

The Storm isn't just coming, it has arrived. It's like a flood in the living room and the whole family is being washed away by the wiles of Satan and his dark army of homos. Peter begins playing with Molly's toys. Molly has decided she's a vegetarian. Your wife leaves the house a mess as she goes to back to college. And you? You're sucking dicks behind the local gay bar "The Cockpit" for meth.

This could happen to YOU. Stop gay marriage NOW before the fags get you too!!!"



Znae said...

Hell yeah. It'd really make my day to see this as a video.

Alan said...

DO IT CLARK! You could probably get around the copyright issue because yours would clearly be satire. Go for it!

Jenan said...

OMG can I PLEASE make this into a video? I'm serious, I really will if you give me permission. And I'll give Zane the credit.

Jenan said...

ahhh I see now. You already did it. Awesome!