Saturday, April 18, 2009

wow this is a lot

I should have guessed from all of the Utah accents in the NOM "gathering storm", and also from something in my own DNA that made me want to spoof the F out of that lame commercial.. but now many are definitively stating that NOM is INDEED a front group for the LDS church. Californians Aagainst Hate is a group established in July 2008 to expose some of the major donors toward the passage of prop 8 in California. “We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) established the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) as its front group in order to qualify Proposition 8 for ballot last year in California,” said Fred Karger, Founder of Californians Against Hate. “After spending several million dollars in California, NOM recently moved into 7 Northeast States considering marriage equality.

Well, Californians Against Hate is fighting back with an online ad campaign. Here it is.

Is it just me, but its the cadence of the poem off, like, A LOT? Well in any case, lets hope that the church is able to find a place in the world without trying to stop gay people from getting married. I hope that the general authorities and the members alike all learn from this experience. Stifling a minority group never really helps anyone out in the long run. You'd think they would know that. But I guess they forgot. If you want to see some of the letters from the generals that link them to anti-gay efforts, check out


miss sarahliz said...

my jaw is on the floor.

Colin said...

Where on the site does it specifically say, NOM is a front for the LDS church? Why is this the only site making such a claim?

It'd be more than easy to believe, but I think more proof is needed.

If this is true though. Fuck the LDS church to fucking hell. IF IT'S TRUE.

Jen said...

You're right...the cadence is bad.

MoHoHawaii said...


Check out the documentation (leaked memos) on The son of LDS apostle Jeffrey Holland is on the board of directors of NOM and apparently was responsible for recruiting the others.

The Mormon Church appears to have created the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) in the summer of 2007 to qualify California’s Proposition 8 for the November 2008 ballot. They set it up as a Mormon front group, exactly as they did with a very similar organization called Hawaii’s Future Today (HFT) in that state in 1995.

Wyatt said...

Check out my blog. I couldn't pass up how much I feel about this issue and not write a post of my own about it.