Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blogging at Intermission

I've been so involved in extra curricular activities during my stint at Mary Poppins, I thought I might as well add blogging to my list of inter-show activities. Constantine is here again this weekend, and yesterday we had my second, his first trip to Oprah! I love having an Oprah hookup. Its just awesome to know that I can see the queen when I need to. I think for Constantine it was both amazing and somewhat disillusioning to see her show. Something about the camera and the TV in your home makes the medium seem so personal, so intimate, yet when you are at a filming, the audience is SO removed from the process. The host and guests are performing to the camera, not to you. Theater is so different because the performance is for the audience and the audience only. Not millions of unseen people out there in the dark. It was weird for him, but it was still amazing. We saw SEAL perform and talk about his 4th child.. a little girl! It was great.

I just took this picture of Justin and myself.. he still has some of his supercal/playing the game makeup on! Anyway, were at places so I'm off, but its been nice saying hi!!!


Svenska said...

I'm sad that I never get to see you preform. Break a leg.

Bethany said...

I would LOVE to see you in this show. Why are you so SICKLY talented !! I miss seeing your amazing smile and personality.