Friday, January 9, 2009

it starts with the truth

I always love Oprah. I live for her no matter what, but ESPECIALLY right now. Oprah just "came out" to the world with a recent revelation that was both shocking and not. She told the world that she was embarrassed and ashamed because she gained back all the weight that she had painstakingly lost over the previous several years.

Oprah is a huge advocate for telling the truth and letting the cards fall. As part of getting herself and all her viewers back on track she has been doing a fantastic "Best Life" series all week.

Yesterday my favorite financial guru, Suze "jackets" Orman was on to help with the "money day" of the best life week. She starts the episode talking about telling the truth about your financial life. She says that the biggest problem people have is spiraling debt caused by living outside of their means, and also because they are living dishonest lives financially. She tells the audience that she has tallied their collective credit card debt-- which amounts to a whopping 2.25 million dollars. She then asks them all to lean over to their neighbors and each tell the absolute truth about how much debt he/she currently owes to credit card companies.

Suze and Oprah then lay out a 2009 action plan for these tough economic times. As part of that action plan, Suze has released a new book, which can be downloaded for free until next Thursday.

I'm just all about this right now. This idea that telling the truth and letting the cards fall is not a new one, but it is just as cathartic and important as it ever was. Telling the truth about who we are financially, emotionally, spiritually, even sexually and engaging in unabashed HONESTY with those we love is more important than ever.

I'm onboard Oprah. Count me in.

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