Friday, January 23, 2009


You might think thats spanish for "other" but its not. Its an acronym for something I often run into: "On the Road Again" Yes that's right. Since it happens so often I figured I'd shorten it. I'm OTRA. Well, in a few days. Today I headed back to Astoria where I have been subletting since I got back from my last tour. Its been a great situation for me, and I have liked living here. Astoria is in Queens but its a quick train ride to midtown-- only about a 15 minute commute. A lot of actors live out here. The last month however I have not slept even one night here. In an impromptu attempt to move our relationship to the next level, Constantine and I have tried "living together" for the last month. The quotes are there because you're not really "living" with someone when you still have your own apartment to fall back on if things don't go the way you want them to. But I must say that overall its been quite successful. We have had the occasional SNAFU but that aside, I think it's been a positive thing. Taking a relationship to the next level can be risky though, as expectations tend to rise with more commitment. But you have to take those risks, right?

So today I'm back packing up my things to get ready to ship myself off to Chicago. I have decided to ship my big computer for my time there since I think it will be nice to have it since I will be in one place for so long. So I'm writing this last blog post on here (then I'll be laptopping it) and then sending it off to my apartment in Chicago! I am also filling up my suitcases and getting myself all ready for Tuesday. Our Addams Family reading presentation is at 3pm. After it ends, I will calmly go and get my bags, get in a cab and go to La Guardia for a 9:00pm flight. The next morning I will be at rehearsal bright and early in Chicago for Mary Poppins.

And just like that I'll go from being a ghoulish ancestor to a cheeky chimney sweep. That's showbiz kids.


invisible said...

Wow. Sounds like a lot of positive change! I hope everything works out for you. Good luck on the change!

Evan said...

Good luck with the move!


thanks guys! its a revolving door around here. haha

Ezra said...

I have a friend who lived in Astoria, it's a really wonderful area.

It's neat that you get to go all over the place. Being in the post end of the film industry, I'm pretty much stuck in LA forever.

Keri said...

Well I admire you. I'm not sure I could handle being a nomad so often. :)