Friday, January 23, 2009

Vlog Header

Its not perfect but I have been wanting to do this for some time now-- a "what my videos are about" video to put at the top of my page. I used the YOUTUBE capture to record it which was VERY easy and VERY fast, but it cut off the last 8 seconds or so. I don't have time to fix it right now, so I thought I'd just leave it. Here it is


James said...
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Dual said...

Кларк, это я. Ты наверно не помнишь меня, но я решил, что мне пока лучше говорить втайне. I have looked on your blog for so long without seeing you. I was so worried that something had happened to you. Whatever our paths are in life, you are a beacon to many of us, not only those who are brave enough to come out and who, as part of that, follow the course of fullness in homosexuality, but to those of us partially out who choose to find a place in the Church where we can live and love the Gospel we so cherish while acting out a straight life. Do I sound schizo? Perhaps, but there are things we gain thereby that we would not otherwise.

I am so happy to see that you're back and blogging after your hiatus.

Are you weathering the economic slowdown well? I hope so. Though I have chosen to remain in the Gospel, в браке и с дочкой и женой, я тебя люблю, Кларк. Если угодаешь, кто я, прошу не давай это знать другим. Пиши мне. Dual Mormon

invisible said...

Thank you! I wish I had discovered you earlier in life when I was contemplating on the take my life.

Luckily, now I think I finally accept myself 99.9% even if our LDS faith might not.

As recently as last year I was in a dark place and being in the Air Force was no help. I am so glad you do this for those out there who are where we all were. Your blog and vlogs help me stay strong and remind me that there is a lot of good and beautiful things we have to offer the world (I still forget that sometimes). Thanks...

Ezra said...

Wow, what a great concept. I'll have to watch more of your videos later.

It's somewhat disappointing that I didn't find all these blogs and vlogs and whatnot years ago... I probably would have come to terms so much sooner.

Thanks for the kind words on my blog, Clark, it's great to know that you are reading. I've been meaning to post another update, but I've been working a lot this week.

Keep up the good work--I know it's helping people.