Thursday, February 5, 2009

The silver team goes down in flames

First let me say that this is the first time I have watched a season of the biggest loser but I am obsessed with it. Particularly with the "silver team" who just got eliminated this week. Ok, just to lay this out for you, in the first video usually the couple talks about how this experience brought them closer together, and the music is all positive and upbeat but what they are saying is SOO not. It's a pretty brilliant juxtaposition. Joelle's face kills me! She is the one on the left. Favorite quote from this is after Carla accuses her of not working hard enough and says all the work she did made her lose 0 pounds, and joelle, desperate for a retort comes up with, "You know? It may lead to 0." Brilliant!

In case you are curious, Fakin the funk means this:

when an indidvidual doesn't show his or her's true personality, individual fails to keep it real


When an upper or middle class person suddenly becomes hard around the presence of colored or lower class individuals.

-- courtesy Urban Dictionary (spelling and punctuation kept in tact)

Apparently after not seeing each other since leaving, Carla and Joelle have a reunion. Its definitely worth the 2 minutes. Trust me.

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