Tuesday, March 22, 2011

High Maints Baby

I'm at the DMV right now waiting forever to exchange my expired liscense for a brand new one. The line would be moving a lot faster if the only teller was not occupied with a very high maints baby. Literally a tiny baby in Dora pajamas complete with footies is getting an ID. They keep trying to get a usable photo of her but she keeps looking away when they snap the photo. What are you? Hungry? Tired? You're so high maints baby!!! Baby's internal monologue, "listen- I'm going to need some breastmilk - in a sippie cup, I'm going to need a better photo background and I'm going to need you to replace this dingy florescent lighting honey. Then we can talk. And queen, hurry this up- my flight to Milano leaves in an hour and 20.

1 comment:

krnjohnsen said...

That Hora-explora' needs to hurry it up!