Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aretha's headwear and other Inaug thoughts

Yesterday at the "inaug" this is what Aretha was giving me. It was a real "yes queen" moment. A true true yes queen. You know its a serious affair when it basically looks like Sunday Best but hit with the bedazzler like there is no tomorrow. And one more thing I have to say.. YES GREY TONES!!! Get it girl. Her singing certainly had all the right spirit and soul, she just has a men's falsetto now though instead of a women's belt or mix. But vocal prowess aside, it was a WONDERFUL day.

Barack's choice to have Reverend Rick Warren, an outspoken opponent to gay marriage, deliver the inaug invocation was one questioned by many gay rights groups. However, at the end of the day, many felt that Warren's prayer (which I'll be honest I just couldn't get myself to listen to for some reason) was very inclusive and perhaps represented the beginnings of a dialogue between the gay and evangelical communities. That would certainly be helpful, as many gay people are people of faith, and a reconciliation of spirituality and sexuality in the world might help some trigger such a peaceful dialogue within their own hearts. We really need that. A lot of gay people of faith are still torn, distressed and suicidal. They shouldn't be. I'm not a prophet, but I can tell you that God does not want people to battle and rage against their own natures.

After the Rick Warren scuffles, openly gay Episcopal bishop Rev. V. Gene Robinson was asked to deliver the opening prayer at the Sunday inaug kickoff event, but for some reason this invocation was not televised. Censorship? Spokespeople for the Obama campaign said the choice to ask an openly gay bishop to deliver an invocation at another event was not related to the complaints about Rick Warren or appeasing anyone. According to them, the choice was an independent one, showing that though Barack ostensibly opposed "gay marriage", he is certainly for civil rights and full equality under the law for gay men and women who wish to partner legally. From a political standpoint, many feel that supporting gay marriage might have alienated the people of color base that he was hoping to bring into the voting booths. This hypothesis seemed to prove true, where in California Barack was overwhelmingly elected, yet prop 8 passed. It was later released that demographically, people of color voted for Barack and largely voted to shoot down gay marriage. In his speech though, Barack mentioned gays along with other racial groups, which I think is a huge step forward for this country.

It was such a moving display, wasn't it? It was so amazing to feel so proud of our country again. I feel like we really done good this time. I'm excited by the prospect of beginning a new era in our country, and starting this new era with such unity and such great HOPE.

Just as a final side not I really think people should start saying inaug for short. Its so sensible!! Try using it in a sentence today.

"yeah, I hope not sporadically"



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