Monday, January 19, 2009

Sickie poo

I have been around sick people for almost 2 months, and I have been a pillar of health. Until today. Maybe seeing my Constantine through what ended up being a quite grueling tonsillectomy put me over the edge. I'm not sure. But today I am down for the count.

BUT here is the good news. I have my iphone alarm set for 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes a really fierce cut of Jojo's "Too Little Too Late" pours out of my iphone to remind me to drink a glass of water. No one can accuse me of not pushing fluids. "I'm a pusher Cady. I'm a pusher!" Name that quote anyone?!

I feel inside my body the temperature rising to try to take down the virus that seems to be fighting just as hard. My body feels weak because of this immunity battle that is raging within. It won't be long now before the white blood cells seek and destroy. I see them now cascading through my body, overtaking the odious enemy.

Its happening now. I am getting better...

Ok intention set!


Evan said...

I have a sore throat and headache right now... and I have been having frequent painful headaches and fevers the past week.

I never ever get sick :(

Do get better.

Ausmo said...

Hope you feel better! Ah mean girls! A classic

Wyatt said...

Set that untention!

Why haven't you called me?